Sonntag, 2. August 2015

waver week

HI GUYS!! last week was the week which I spent some time to prepare the defense. next week, the defense week starts; I'll be on the second week, 11 August to be exact. WISH ME LUCK!!

so, yea, last Tuesday, I prepared the content, while last Friday preparing on the statistical part. next week would be the final preparation. wish me luck~ wish me luck~ wish me luck~

one of my childhood friend passed away on Thursday night. could hardly believe...... I was still looking for him for the past month, but couldn't find him. talked about him with my family and laughed hard because the stupid things we did. Friday morning, one of my acquaintances told us that he passed away..... oh my God..... I'm still honored and flattered that he had a crush on me. I'm really sorry that we didn't stay in touch after we parted. literally thank you for everything you had done to me. rest well, brother. rest in peace. you'll be forever missed. I really wish we had more time together.

watched Whiplash last night; because of Miles Teller. hahaha! he's one of my besties' favourite tho, not mine. hehehe. sorry, Tan, I borrow your boy for one night :p watching it reminded me of my musical days. I wanna play more! phew. the main character was a drummer. it obviously reminded me that drummers are the kings, that's why they sit down. I love how determined the character was.

and today, I had a great lunch; birthday lunch. hehehe. it was fun! got another cake! weehee~ :*

with the ups and downs in one week, I really hope everything would be fine until 12 August. I really hope my defense would be amazing as I've always expected. WISH ME LUCK!!

“I love you every day. And now I will miss you every day.” -Mitch Albom (For One More Day, 2006)


P.S.: happy 31st birthday, Bastian. I don't hate you, but, yes, I'm disappointed with you. and happy 47th birthday, Stefan!

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