Samstag, 19. September 2015


This entry is specially dedicated to my beloved family and friends who have never given up on me, who always extend their help and support sincerely.

It was August 2011, I just had my 18th birthday. Entering a new chapter of life: bachelor's degree education level; at Swiss German University, BSD City. Not even a single doubt crossed my mind on choosing this institution for my higher education program.

Using English as medium was new for me. It was a challenge too, since the major I took was different from the one I took in senior high. Learning German, of course, was the fun part. Having a dream to actually live, learn, and work in Germany is (still) one of my wildest dreams.

I joined the organization which is called Swiss German University House of Student Representatives. After being interviewed and selected, I was officially one of the member of Art Division. Being active and involved in organization excites me. This increased my hype to do more and more. Then I was appointed as Advisor 2 when I was in 2nd semester, and Advisor 1 in 4th semester, before I departed for Germany. From this organization, I was involved in several committees/events.

In my department, I was also involved in some committees/events. I was first only a member of SGU Business Club, which then I was a member of Creative Division of SGU Student Business Association.

Friendship, obviously, plays significant role during the last 4 wonderful years. I was introduced to many friends who are not only from batch 2011, but also batch 2008, 2009, 2010, 2012, 2013, and 2014. For this reason, I am beyond grateful to have such wonderful friends who are always with me. From Engineering and Information Technology, Business Administration and Humanities, and Life Sciences and Technology; thank you so much.

6th semester was clearly the highlight of this institution. I should find words to describe how excited and grateful I am for experiencing one of my wildest dreams in real life. To my parents who always push me to pursue my dreams, you are literally the best. I could not ask for better parents than you.

OFSE, or Oral Final Study Examination, was terrifying at first. Thank God, I have bunch of great lecturers who are helpful, friendly, and supportive. OFSE was nothing, when I was with these lecturers.

Thesis defense was another level. After doing research for four months, fully supported by two wonderful thesis advisors, staffs, family, and friends, it was done on time, and I managed to pass the defense on 11 August 2015.

To Natania and Safira, my marvelous friends from Banking and Finance concentration.
To Valencia and Meiviana, my tremendous friends from Mechatronics.
To International Business Administration 2011; especially the Futsal Team.
To Mechatronics 2011 friends.
To my lovely friends from all departments.
To Swiss German University House of Student Representatives from batch 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013.

I regret I could not take photos with all of my friends.

Also to my friends from SD Sang Timur, SMP Tarakanita 5, SMA Regina Pacis. Thank you.

"Ancora imparo." -Ralph Waldo Emerson (Poetry and Imagination, 1847)


P.S.: To this particular man who has never exhausted of challenging me mentally, supporting me emotionally, shaping me morally, thank you. Come back soon. I love you.

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