Freitag, 16. Oktober 2015

life is but a dream!

HAEEE! hehehe. HI GUYS!! I started working this Monday, so I didn't have a chance to release an entry last Sunday. so sorry~ I bought some new gears on that day. got home a little bit late, so got no time to post as I had to sleep ASAP.

and the fact that I have some to work on..... well, I've committed to it so I have to really work on them :D

last week, uh, first time having my blood taken with, uhh, like you can see the needle was somehow like popping out. gosh..... hahaha. I ain't scared or else, but that's new for me. lol!

so, yeah. started working to satisfy my needs. huh? my needs? books and vacation. LOL. because I love reading and travelling so much. and I think there's nothing wrong with that? :p

got five new books last two weeks. now reading the second one; though sometimes I believe they'll end up still wrapped after several weeks or months, then I'm a tsundoku-doer instead of a bibliophile. hahaha!

someone is joining back with the exactly same time zone. whether I'm happy or not..... idk. there are days and months I'm really hoping that he'd be here, but there also several times I wish I didn't know him at all. if you're reading this, pretty sure you won't be able to speak bluntly to me.

I'm planning to watch two basketball matches tomorrow! woohoo! reuniting with the boys excites me so much that it might be hard sleeping tonight. hahaha. to be honest, I'm disappointed that Ale won't play with the team (again and again); even not the internal cup. why though? :(

to these two juniors who have literally never stopped believing in me, thank you so much. I'm beyond grateful, glad, and proud to have you two in my life. please stay as my best friends :')

btw, idk why, I'm starting to do mandala. I was awestruck since several years ago, but now I'm actually making some. hahaha. you can check my instagram. it's only some, but I'm working on others :D

CRIMSON PEAK. TOMORROW. ALONE. YAY! I couldn't wait to watch TWH's new movie; also, it's directed by GDT! hopefully I can watch it alone tomorrow. I need time for myself to fangirl with TWH; that's why. hahahaha. intentionally not asking anyone to join because of it.

“Nothing is so painful to the human mind as a great and sudden change.” -Mary Shelley (Frankenstein, 1818)


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