Sonntag, 18. Oktober 2015


HI GUYS!! I'm still beyond excited of my Saturday/yesterday! hehehe. well, first of all, it's weekend after first week of having job (LOL). I also had chance to meet two of my MT girls; also showed them my new haircut. YEAH I GOT HAIRCUT! last week on 10.10., hahaha! they said they didn't even realize it's me. so I think the haircut is good(?) :p

went to campus to watch my boys playing basketball. yea, what's better than reuniting with them and seeing them play gracefully? almost nothing, except having ale on the team :') again and again, obviously, ale didn't join the team which broke my heart even more since it's his last year.

boys, thank you so much for the wonderful games. you guys did well. I'm still expecting the marvelous game from B team tho; well both A and B actually. please never stop making me proud. I'm trying to adjust my schedule so I could watch you guys on Wednesday and Thursday night. I should be on Hospital Expo at JCC on 21-24 October. wanna meet me? :p

I'm still not over of meeting my boys :'D so happy to see you again, guys! :'D

FINALLY WATCHED CRIMSON PEAK. ALONE. YAY! TWH WAS LIKE UGH GOD JUST KILL ME. I'M GRATEFUL FOR HIM BEING GENTLE OFF AND ON SCREEN. some parts were censored WHICH I DO NOT APPROVE. wtf. really. the censors were too obvious that it reduced the beauty of the reel. but anyway YAY TWH YAAAAAAAYYYYYY!!

MY TEAM ALSO SET ANOTHER RECORD. 9 WINS FROM 9 GAMES, 999TH BUNDESLIGA WINS, 99TH WIN AGAINST SVW. I literally, humbly, and proudly could say that I really am beyond happy and thankful for being surrounded by good people in my life. thank you for never falling to amaze me.

in short, I had wonderful weekend. boys, again, thank you so much for your humbleness. I'm glad I have the chance to know you guys. thankyou and congratulations to my team for the other winning and record. I'm beyond proud being in one family with you.

“I am sufficiently proud of my knowing something to be modest about my not knowing all.” -Vladimir Nabokov (Lolita, 1955)


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