Sonntag, 1. November 2015

exhausted :O

HI GUYS!! and so October has come to its end, hello November! yes. November. we're so close to the end of the year. time does fly fast. hehehe.

I planned on some stuffs but one by one fell; couldn't make em. to several parties, I apologize for this. it's just..... well, apology.

I'd really like to watch the last game of my boys, but unfortunately we lost. so the next match would be on Friday, which I couldn't watch as it started on 6PM. from office to campus in one hour? impossible. hahaha

I also planned to join Halloween Night Run, which was a 5K, but also couldn't make it. the annoying injury stroke back. geez. other than all of that, I'm glad and proud of the committees who were succeed to hold the events.

I planned to go to Kawah Putih on 7 Nov. probably couldn't make it either because of administrative problem. hahahaha. well, maybe it's just a sign which I should take a rest. hehehe!

planned to go to Indonesia Comic Con on 14/15 Nov. aha~ this one, still tentative, and I really hope I could make this one. lol! last time I went to Jakarta Comic Con, visited it on Friday which I found almost no cosplay. not fun! hahaha :p or maybe it's time I should do the cosplay. hahahah! Harley Quinn is my choice, of course. but not now.

I'm beyond excited of Empire's December issue!! JOKER! IT'S THE CLOWN PRINCE!! gee golly, I really can't wait for Suicide Squad to hit theatres!! 5 August 2016 is allowed to come at its maximum speed! or maybe beyond the limit! hahahaha. but, tbh, I'm waiting for Captain Boomerang; obviously. it's Jai Courtney. DUH!

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I had hilarious conversation with one of my besties where basically we compared each other's hope on something. then I hit the lowest point where I finally said that air was thicker than my hope. she still answered that my hope was null. so I replied, "null is still too much" hahahaha. I enjoyed this kind of conversation.

I've been enjoying another conversation with one of my boys. LOL. he's so hilarious! glad to know you, D! also, J! :D

today I went to two shopping centres. weiß nicht warum I felt so sleepy that I just wanna hit the bead early like...... now. hahahahaha!

I'm also delighted to have this one friend who never fails to crack a joke! :)

"Well, you can tell by the way I use my walk, I'm a woman's man: no time to talk." -Bee Gees (Stayin' Alive, 1977)


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