Samstag, 28. November 2015


Amazing how hands can do so many things.
Everything you did feels fresh in my mind.


They start to fade away.
That smile,
That touch,
That body,
That soul,
That figure.
I wonder if I'm still lost without you.

I don't know whether I'm still allowed to miss you.
Or the memories we shared since we're just children.
Moreover, it's been more than six years.
More than six years, D.
I wonder how you're doing up there.
Seems I still can't let you go.
I'm sorry.

I could still recall the way you touch.
Every single detail.
I remember when you gently trailed my body.
Resting your hand on my shoulder.
Snaking your hand on my waist.
Slipping your hand to cup my face.

For the last time, D, I really hope you understand.
It's not that I.....
It's just hard to let you go.
I'm sorry.

I was once asked to take a pill that would make I forget my worst memories; I don't think I would.
It's true, some (quite) terrible things have happened in my life. Whatever has happened in my life have helped me to shape who I am.

I don't know.....
Happy 10 years 10 months?


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