Sonntag, 15. November 2015

heal the world

HI GUYS!! finally~ one of my plans was successfully done. hahaha! thanks to one of my MT girls who decided/agreed to accompany me. hehehe. yeah~ I went to Indonesia Comic Con today!! woohoo!

she arrived in Tangerang yesterday. spent a night at my place, then we went to Indonesia Comic Con this morning. we did have fun! :D

all photos were taken from her camera, so I'm not posting it today, nor discuss it; probably next week's entry. this post talks other things.

first thing first. my Germany babies lost to Frenchmen by 2-0 at their home. I simply don't care about the result. it's only a friendly game; I care what matters. the friendly game was ended with a "blast". it's such a horror that they played while there were attacks in 6 spots. one of them was near the stadium. pretty sure it's a high explosive one; could be heard from the stadium.

my God..... I was shocked and worried of my babies safety. turned out they stayed a night in the stadium. when I received the news they had arrived in Frankfurt safely, I was relieved. and here is their press release.

guys, please, terrorism is extremely wrong on any level. it knows no religion. I don't even care what you are. please. for the sake of humanity. for the sake of peace. please. open your mind. be mature. have compassion towards each other. killing has never been an answer.

it is not my capacity to talk much about this. I pray for everyone, wherever you are, whatever you are; for humanity and peace. west or east, north or south, be safe, guys! #prayforhumanity #prayforpeace

let's go hand in hand to heal the world. let's make a better world for you and me; for all of us! :)

“An eye for an eye will only make the whole world blind.” -Mahatma Gandhi


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