Montag, 28. Dezember 2015

Christmas 2015

HI GUYS!! I swear I totally forgot to post one yesterday. not because I intentionally to release this on another 28. hehehe. 27 and 28 are something to me; so it's cool. hope you cool with that too :p

anyway, HAPPY CHRISTMAS!! this year didn't like past years. I didn't go to my hometown to have decent holidays as usual as I'm already working. hehehe

there's another thing missing. I still on my work to let it happen. oh dear Lord, this is clearly not what usually wish for, but I'm begging you to show me the light, like, guide me. and, as always, Fiat mihi secundum verbum tuum.

I hopped to several shopping centres during this holiday. went to Grand Indonesia on Thursday to accompany one of my aunts. took a look at DC kiosk which is currently on sale(!!) hahahaha. but I think I need to go to the one at Senayan City since it has the tshirts I want/need :p

spent a good sleep on Thursday night until Friday noon. hehehe. watched SPN, broke my heart, gathered them back into one, hurt like hell. hahaha. despite of everything, it's them who make me whole again.

and I just spent the day on my bed, watching SPN, scrolling down 9gag, cuddling with my bolster under the blanket. LOL!

FINALLY WATCHED STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS!! WOOHOO!! I'm still speechless, so I suggest you to just watch it. I'm not sharing anything here. OH MY GOD STAR WARS! YAY! the fact that it came back before Sherlock makes me giggle sarcastically. hehehe. this happened on Saturday, btw

on Sunday, I managed to meet two of my MT girls at Gandaria City, but only for a while. then I went to Cilandak Town Square to have lunch. then headed to Mall Puri Indah to meet one of my dad's childhood friends. reached home around 20ish but forgot to release this entry. hahaha. sorry

back to SPN again and again (I can never get over it okay), there are times when I accidentally wonder how it'd end while I DON'T WANT IT COMES TO AN END. J2 is mega sweet and all. but still choosing another J. hehehe sorry, D. on our 10y11m..... hehehe but all them feels............

I giggle a lot at the office during lunch break whenever I watch bloopers from SPN. hahahaha. there's one (always) gives me shiver over my spine. people who watch it might know which; especially those D girls. hahaha! wish my colleagues have no problem with my sudden idiotic smile :p

duh I cannot content myself with J2 lingering in my mind

Lord, I have this thing with J2's voices. and obviously J's voice. also THard's, THidd's, and BC's. I just have a thing with voice. and hands. and back. hahaha! oh, yea, this one is new. I might never tell anyone about this one. hahaha

so this happened when I was still playing basketball. oh good times. during the first matches, I needed time to adjust with the team. there were several times I had to see opponents' back. at that time, I felt it really indicated how much I was left behind. but on the other hand, it simply motivated me to be better and better. it triggered me to be the one whose back is seen. that's why I have a thing with back. hahaha. tbh, my current phone wallpaper is D's back. hehehe

I actually need more proper rest. I got tired more easily recently. I need holidays.

“There is an innocence in admiration: it occurs in one who has not yet realized that they might one day be admired.” -Friedrich Nietzsche


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