Sonntag, 13. Dezember 2015

counting the days down

HI GUYS!! how many days left before Christmas?! hehehe. I'm more into the new year this time :D as I said before, 2016 may arrive like right now!! you guys know the reason. hahaha! also I need to watch Sherlock BBC's The Abominable Bride. hopefully before January 2016 ends; since it's not aired here; ugh.

finally had a one-day break; thanks to the national voting. hahaha! I finally got my sleep back; but still not enough. mom went to Lampung to visit one of her friends at hospital. I almost joined her, but nah, I wanted my break; which then I had around 10-hour sleep. hehehe

on that break day, I watched SPN S1E12 and 13; GOSH!! first time D almost died..... it broke my heart. I wonder if I finally reach S1E22..... I need tissue. but, ayeeee~ he looked hot hot hot on 13! FY13!! hahaha. sweet stuff~ :* gasped on 14, as S had this kind of premonition. LORD! D, stop sacrificing yourself. you said it's for the one you love. but have you ever consider how your loved one get everything through? does it ever cross your mind about how your loved one face the world without you? stay, D. please stay. you're so much worth to be loved and forgiven.

for once in a lifetime, I have to hug D; JRA as DW. I might want to hug JRA too anyway. hahaha! okay, Padalecki too. alright, Collins too. hug everyone!! hahaha. no worry, JSC, I'm still yours; forever yours. thank you for grabbing me back to reality that I always have you :*

thanks to one of my besties, now 1D's Drag Me Down is stuck in my mind. hmph! have to admit the song and lyric are good. no wonder it's stuck in my head. hahaha :p extending my gratitude for having JSC in my life~ :*

I read spn ff during my free time. there's one ff struck me hard. hahaha! dang. wish I could just live in that kind of life; being with D, S, and C all the time. so, again, I wanna hug JRA as D. gosh! I need him now. or people should stop making those fluffy/angsty ff ffs..... I need my life back.
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WOOOOOO~ THANK YOU SO MUCH, TODD!! this feels amazing! hahaha :D got this right before I went mad buying three new books from a book fair. hehehe

just finished watching SPN S1E18. I'm so preparing myself for the last episode of the season *inhale* *exhale* I actually screamed his name while watching. hahaha! it's a normal thing, I guess :p
this song does things to me. I believe everything is right on His time. the fact that I suddenly wanna rewatch SPN from the very beginning; it must be something to do with me to listen to this song again. thank You.

MIA SAN HERBSTMEISTER!! enough saying! proud of my babies! proud of one of my warriors! :D

“Because, if you could love someone, and keep loving them, without being loved back... then that love had to be real. It hurt too much to be anything else.” -Sarah Cross (Kill Me Softly, 2012)


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