Montag, 7. Dezember 2015

Hello December!

HI GUYS!! HELLO DECEMBER!! time does fly fast. hehehe. cliche. well, well, well. finally another end of the year. I'M EXCITED FOR 2016!! WOOHOO!! people who know me well must know why. hahaha :D
2016 may arrive like right now(?)
starts with Sherlock BBC The Abominable Bride on 1 January 2016!

last week, uh, yeah right. I posted previous entry on Saturday, in order to get the date. hahaha. you know 28 means something to me. it's Holger's jersey number! hehehe :p

I spent a day closing November with my high school besties. some of them were missing tho. I miss them all!!
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before meeting them, I watched Victor Frankenstein. FOR ANDREW SCOTT!! the movies I watched him, he ended up dead..... NOT APPROVE! so I did plan to watch it alone, and I was alone! yay! I had time to fangirl hard! hahaha. my other two besties watched Mockingjay Part 2. sorry, guys, my Andrew Scott is more important; even more important than Liam Hemsworth. hahaha.

I decided to rewatch all Supernatural episodes from the very first season. ALL THE FEELS~ rewatching Dean and Sam dead several times..... ugh. I remember when he's just back from Hell: "I wish I couldn't feel anything, Sammy. I wish I couldn't feel a damn thing."
*UGLY CRYING* I so cannot stand seeing my man breaks down. it tears my heart into dust; not pieces. I know, I know. it's not real. but I'm watching it. I hope you know how it feels like seeing your man suffering but you can do nothing. because it hurts, that I could only see. I feel useless; seeing my helpless man like that. NOOOOOOO~
it'd be this man
oh, the (more) things you know about me~ hahaha :')

last week, I was hit by nostalgic feeling. it came from nowhere. suddenly I want Milchreis mit Kirschkompott; moreover, it's easy to make! also, I want Currywurst and Buletten. and Schweinehaxe too! God, who can even resist Schweinehaxe..... *drool* btw I had most delicious lunches last week. hahaha :D

so, in short, some celebrated thanksgiving last week(?) two weeks(?) well, 26 Nov. I have my own way to be thankful for everything that has happened in my life. I'm so damn grateful for my family (duh), for they have never let me down, not even a second. I'm also contented for my besties who have never got tired of me. I'm so damn relieved that I'm surrounded with my supportive juniors. whoa. I really shouldn't be ungrateful for everything I have right now :D

and, uh, I FINALLY WATCHED LEGEND. EDWARD THOMAS HARDY!! YAAAAAYYYYYY!! effin amazing. idk why it's not booming in other countries. but, first of all, Ed is not that tall, except it's just Em who is too short for Ed; taken a back for a while to be reminded how I fell hard for Ed since Stuart: A Life Backwards; British accent. enough sayiiiinnngggg~ hahaha

my babies lost for the first time. got y'all, babes! I'm not leaving, not even a flick. we'll get back stronger than ever, won't we? :D and BMG should enjoy the 3-goal winning in a 2-handball match ;)

I've been "with" DW&SW recently. watching ETH snapped me like, whoa. seeing JSC again took me back to life. I just have to realize that there are no DW and SW. JSC, I love you! :*

sorry for the late post. gee golly electricity went out yesterday from 16 until 22.25; ergh.

"You've gotta dance like D's watching, love him like you'll never be hurt, hear him sing like there's nobody listening, and make love like it's his last day on earth." -bedtimespn


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