Montag, 21. Dezember 2015

it's getting closer

HI GUYS!! first of all, apology. I was home very late last night and turned out I wasn't in a good shape (until now). I'm regret not to be able to go to work today. but, uh, four days to Christmas! eleven days to new year! eleven days to The Abominable Bride! eleven days to hopefully-money-well-spent year! hahahaha. I'm so watching all the comic movies, especially Suicide Squad. duh! it's non-comic, but The Last Kaiser's Kiss; DUH! baby in uniform!! *dead* yeah, I'm really counting the days down. too excited!! :D

*need to prepare myself for 2016* but again and again, 2016 may arrive like right now!! hahaha :p

btw I forgot to mention on previous post that it was the last 13 in 2015. so far, and still, 13 has been doing good to me. please proceed this way; or make it even better. hehehe #irrelevant #unrelated :p

duh. men I know turn to be gentlemen. I can't...... hahaha! extremely grateful that I know these guys in my life. also grateful for this one particular friend who still get along with me, especially for this one particular topic. HAHAHAHA. it's just between us~ I'm not copying Gaby and Allison of course duh

I'm still excited for 2016. hahahahaha. I think I've mentioned it many times more than I should. weehee! even more excited especially I just had food poisoning and kinda high fever. amazing I still could manage to come work; and ate some frittersbahahaha! God's grace has always been with me. there's still something wrong with my stomach tho.

2015 was full of blessing. I had an exciting 8th semester, passed the thesis defense well, had my first part-time job at an event I adore, currently having my first full-time job as a permanent employee, went to various events with my bestie(s), etc. I'll break em down more on the last entry of the year :D

I feel bad for having JRA and JTP in my mind while I'm actually JSC's. my bad, J. which J? LOL I'm glad I'm with this one particular friend who is still bearing with me ;D

last Saturday was great. I actually had fun fangirling, eating, and window shopping; also, was out with new gears! woohoo! hehehe! yesterday was tiring. so tiring that I'm down now. ergh

anyway~ I'm planning to watch the last two episodes of SPN S1. I really need someone to hold to as I'm watching S1E22. it's too heartbreaking just by thinking of it :'(

“Rivers know this: there is no hurry. We shall get there some day.” -A.A. Milne (Winnie-the-Pooh, 1926)


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