Sonntag, 31. Januar 2016

getting stronger!

HI GUYS!! I reread what I wrote on the last post and it made me wondering. what the hell was on my gee golly mind when I wrote my last post..... hahaha. I've edited it; sorry. only a little tho. didn't affect the main point of the post: SUICIDE SQUAD!! still missing my J. need to catch him up soon~ :)

I'm still wondering how I could be so calm like that. my emotion was kinda up and down the whole week but surprisingly I remained calm; unbelievably very calm. wow. new milestone? hahaha

one of my besties who loves horror movies dropped a link of a new horror movie trailer. it got me good, tbh. I was shocked. dang this one bestie who always loves randomly drops horror movies trailer links! hahaha. love it tho~

on Tuesday night, I finished watching JaxCon. I couldn't hear them clearly but their laughs are definitely contagious. suddenly I feel light. thank you, babies, for always making me feeling this way. thank you for always supporting me, never giving me up (not even a gee golly second; oh my God, really, thank you!), for always being by my side; for always stand by me when no one does. thank you for the comfort, attention, and love. thank you for being you. thank you. #akf

I somewhat "lost" one of my important people in my life. it's only a short period of time but this person has done a lot to me. again, thank you. what you have done sounds more like to an investment. I couldn't wait for what I could become. thank you.

it's been eleven years, btw~ #tbt hahaha! happy eleven!(?) tbh I don't even know what to feel anymore. whether I should be happy or sad.

writing this has never been to somewhat expose how my life goes. it's simply just to remind me of what have happened in my life so far. looking back, my life is so full of ups and downs. many new things I've done for the first time. many things I've come through. feelings and emotions come along. I clearly have no idea my life would be as amazing as this. and for that, I am grateful for being in this life. what have I done in my previous life that I get this kind of privilege to live this kind of life? thank God!

it's been a while since my last MBTI test. the result was slightly different from usual; this time, instead I, I got E, but the rest is the same. but still ambi, tho. well..... the explanation was quite surprising since it's totally different. hahaha! but, again and again, we cannot rely based on this test because it's still too general~

whoever says they wanna work immediately because they wouldn't be dealing with exams or stuffs..... ancora imparo, guys. I'm humbly and gratefully happy and excited that I could still have chances to learn.

current daily meal
some of my friends might be realize I'm currently using several Latin phrases on some profiles. I set my profile picture on LINE with the statement "perfer filia errans tibi cum confectum erit pax"; while having "ancora imparo" and "semper fidelis" as the status. recently, I got another phrase from SS trailer: "si vis pacem para bellum". this Latin phrase would be forever my baseline principle: "non scholæ sed vitæ discimus". you can look for the literal meaning anywhere~ through these phrases, I'm in peace. if you're curious what they mean to me, you can always ask. but pretty sure you won't ;D

I visited my junior high on Saturday. only met some teachers. still excited and super grateful!

GOOD LUCK, BOYS!! I might not watching you guys playing, but I have faith in you! let's win this first home match of the year! :D

those who are currently reading this probably parts of my life, so I would like to thank you all for supporting for what I've become (so far). I know words always fail to express my gratitude. I know.

I suddenly feel extremely excited! but I don't know what for. hahaha!

"Hingga kau datang dengan segala kekuranganmu, cacat hidupmu menyempurnakanku." -Winda (Kutemukan Penggantinya, 2011)



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