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as promised before, this entry would recap things I've done in 2015 in each month. it won't be long, I promise. though I really have many things to be grateful of. let the rest be said in my prayer ;D

January 2015 (click month to check the archive)
what I really remembered was my preparation for OFSE; which..... I kinda let it go. hahaha. I've always been that one who doesn't study much but yeah. hehehe. I could clearly recall my times with most of the boys in my class discussing the material. so, here's the deal with OFSE. there were 4 subjects: 2 are mandatory, 2 are optional-ish. we had to take 3 subjects; so we had to choose from the 2 optional-ish. let's say those two were A and B. from 21 persons in my class, only 2 (including me) who took subject B. others were A. tbh, it's clearly because subject B was surprisingly easy for me. hahaha. but, all those subjects only require logic; obviously, it has to be supported with strong theory ;D
28 January has always been a thing for me. I'm forever grateful for the full ten years. but other than that, I'm also damn grateful for those boys I mentioned before for sticking with me since 4th semester; especially for the 7th semester which we spent it more intense. those laughs and awesome jokes are definitely kept in my mind. also thank you for the togetherness.
and I did get a chance to properly say goodbye to my juniors. oh those feels.....

OFSE time~ and I managed to pass them all! hahaha. not the best, but, uhh, yeah, YEAH! hahaha! welcomed thesis semester wholeheartedly~ hahahaha! well, like it or not, had to happen. ugh I hate the fact that I'd be leaving this place and its people. like...... the term of "high school never ends" doesn't mean a thing to me. my time in this university does. it has done things to me and my life.

I participated on #dearme. it's basically just a short letter to my younger self. I'd reveal more when I think the time is right :)
I sneaked out for a short getaway. hahaha! my thesis was only one month old yet I'd sought for a getaway :') 

I didn't throw my annual prank on april's fool. hahaha. lucky you guys!! :p
134!! colloquium!
that's it~

first 5k run! hahahaha. snapped a photo with Olaf Skoog :D
got my first kendama~ :D which broke fast. my friends played it and they got too excited. hahaha
last 13th week :'( last day of official classes. photoshoot with my boys!

submitted the thesis! half of me felt relieved. the defense was coming right behind us. but for the most of all, I'm thankful for everyone who have been supported me, no matter it's from the beginning or just now, thank you!

I DON'T KNOW ABOUT YOU, BUT I'M FEELING TWENTY TWO~ I know it's lame. okay. my bad. hahaha. yeah, hitting 22 like a boss..... or nah. just several days after my birthday, one of my childhood friends passed away. I was like in total shock. moreover we just had this small reunion. he's not coming, but still..... hope his family can be stronger than ever; moreover to his mom and two little sisters. yeah, his dad passed away, I think, 3 years ago. oh God.....

defense! passed! YES!! hahahaha. WOOHOO!! and I passed it with all of my besties!! including the boys! yeah! congratulations, guys!! I think we all agree that this was the highlight of the month. hahaha
then I had a part-time job with one of my besties. what's better than being in a work with your besties? none. hahaha! we had so much fun! thank you for the opportunity!

graduation! again and again, thank you and congratulations for all of us. gonna miss the boys the most. we're drifting apart. also have to be apart from my juniors. not fun! always gonna have my besties around tho :D
went to JKTCCxAFAID. read about it.

first job! endlich! hahahaha. like, a real job; not internship/parttime. hahaha!
also, haircut! :D

INDONESIA COMIC CON!! yeah! got two amazing comic cons this year! woohoo! hehehe. my nerd side appears on the surface more often than usual. hahaha. no, I don't anyone to understand nor I ask them to.

really have to admit that I've never been more excited to welcome a new year. hahaha. I've listed all movies I'd like to watch in 2016. HEHEHE! 

#2015in5words: amazing, blessed, grateful, motivated, relieved

okay, enough for the recap, I guess(?) really need to hit bed now since I'm going to meet one of my besties for lunch. WOOHOO!
cheers to 2016!! thank you for the amazing ride, 2015!! :D

“True happiness is to enjoy the present, without anxious dependence upon the future, not to amuse ourselves with either hopes or fears but to rest satisfied with what we have, which is sufficient, for he that is so wants nothing. The greatest blessings of mankind are within us and within our reach. A wise man is content with his lot, whatever it may be, without wishing for what he has not.” -Seneca


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