Sonntag, 24. Januar 2016

oh my God

HI GUYS!! so, yeah, right after my short vacation, I got sick. annoying, I know. *sigh* I think I did maintain my meals, and I drank enough; or maybe more, since it's too warm there. but, uhh..... anyway. I was stuck with fever and phelgm-ish cough. I feel cold more easily. maybe I really need proper rest.

new chapter, new beginning; not new-year bs, btw. hehehe. I'm trying to enjoy my new thing. woohoo!

as you probably have read some of my previous posts which mentioned movies a lot, NEW SUICIDE SQUAD TRAILER. FY! NEW POSTER! FY! I'm extremely excited for everything that relates to Suicide Squad. my baby is there~ hahaha! so here are the trailers:

watched this during a meeting break. I'm so sorry I couldn't contain myself. hehehe. btw, here are the posters:

MEGA EXCITED!! hehehehe! should I set a countdown timer on my blog? :D

I miss my J so bad.

HAPPY 37TH BIRTHDAY, DW!! BABY I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! THANK YOU, LITERALLY, FOR EVERYTHING. sounds cliche, I know. but, really. my kind of hero drives a 67 impala; because it's a highway to hell. my kind of hero doesn't wear cape. my kind of hero doesn't fly; he's even afraid of it. my kind of hero is selfless, brave and protective, kind, loving. he might not be honest all the time; but it's because he always puts me first. baby, I won't trade this life with anyone else as long as I have you by my side. we have never promised each other of a calm relationship, hell, we even guarantee we would fight and quarrel a lot. I'm more than okay with that. you're my kind of hero, DW. love you to the hell and back :*

MY BOYS WON ON THEIR FIRST MATCH OF THE SECOND ROUND. yeah. that's important. hehehe ;)

“Sooner or later we've all got to let go of our past.” -Dan Brown (Deception Point, 2001)


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