Sonntag, 7. Februar 2016

Chinese New Year Eve

HI GUYS!! it's Chinese New Year eve~ yaaaaayyyy~ time for having a blast of dinner! hahaha. how's your eve? nothing? fun? bloated?

my, my. my juniors have been in Deutschland for a week already! I miss Germany sooooooo much! still couldn't move on. or..... hell. who could do that anyway? especially me. oh the time when I lived my dreams~

Germany in 2014 was exciting. you know, the Sommermärchen and stuffs. HAHA! I still could recall the days exactly. I remember when I watched the semifinal in my room through streaming. I thought Toni's second goal was a replay from the first one. but then I realized, it's from different angle and position. I was like, for real?! another goal?! omg! the match ended 1-7 for Germany. historical match and final result. gee golly sure I'd pass the story to my children and grandchildren. oh yeah, they WILL love Germany as much as I do. hahahaha!

and so~ the next morning, at the office, all of us cheered like 5y/o children. bahahahaha! we simply just couldn't contain ourselves. lol!

bought a book which I could reach the author easily. I'm so planning to visit him and ask for his sign! :3

did I mention I got sick for two days last week? like, for the whole two days I couldn't walk properly. got massive headache, high fever, runny nose, and severe cough. everything's okay now tho~

and now I feel really sleepy. my boys shared a point with their opponent last night; felt like we lost, or we actually lost(?) lost 2 points. hehehe

new gear tomorrow! ;D

“I wandered everywhere, through cities and countries wide. And everywhere I went, the world was on my side.” -Roman Payne (Rooftop Soliloquy, 2009)


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