Sonntag, 14. Februar 2016

one thing at a time

HI GUYS!! HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!! HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!! next week would be big. can't wait to face it! :D

also, excited for the day when I could finally have spare time to have lunch with one of respected authors! ;)

YES. 2016. YES. am I late? hahaha! I've mentioned several times on my previous posts why I'm extremely excited for 2016. hahahaha! like, should I mention it here again? :D

favourite poster of all they released
so I checked this movie. planned to watch it with one of my besties on Saturday, but she was in Bandung. that's okay, I mean, I'm very independent who need no accompany to watch it; HAHAHA! turned out its first screen here in Jakarta was on 10 February! I thought it's on 12 Feb, which is the same as US. we're two days ahead! and thanks to timezone, it felt like 3 days ahead! hahahaha!

so~ watched it today. the only word I still got on my mind: TEABAG!! hahahaha! many things are censored. bzz. no likey~ but, this made my February complete. up to next month please!

one of my besties is finally enrolling her Master's degree! woohoo! so proud and excited of her :D and this triggers me to look for one too (again). the "problem" is the one that I want is completely different with my bachelor's. to enroll the one that I want, I have to have the respective bachelor's degree. well, this is something that needs to be compromised. hahahah
you know what it is
I didn't recall I heard Heat of The Moment whenever I started Tuesday(s). last Tuesday was epic. got home after almost 3.5hours on the road. dang. and so was Wednesday, but not my way home. it's more to technical thingy. dang. hahahaha

so~ about the book which author would be at a particular bookstore~ I think I'd like to review it on a new post. it's a great book for young/young adult Indonesian girls/females. I'm so looking forward to meeting the author, and his wife; or maybe have lunch together? it'd be great to spend some time with them! :D

I just had a crazy Friday from morning until afternoon around 15.00ish. couldn't stop laughing but had to hold it. God.....

made some wallpapers~ those quotes are not mine and they're only for personal use. kindly please use them well.

oh these words strengthen me in some ways~ and the fact that SPN also helps me in many ways~~~ I feel light and happy! next eps would be S03E09. hehehe

my boys will play with no CB tonight. GOOD LUCK, GUYS!! :*

“There is nothing like a dream to create the future.” -Victor Hugo (Les Misérables, 1862)


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