Sonntag, 21. Februar 2016

thank God!

HI GUYS!! fiuuuhh~ tough week was tough. it's not that tough /tough/, but it's, uhh, more like full (but not busy) week. and I'm happy with that. feels like time flies even faster. because I can't wait for March!! hahaha

Allegiant is the reason why; the last book of the Divergent trilogy. the first part of Allegiant would be released on 9 March 2016 in PH, so I assume it's around that date too here in ID. and I can't waaaiiiiiitttt!! :D (though it's said that 18 March nationwide; Deadpool was released on 10 Feb here)

and I'm not a fan of DC superheroes; but the villains, YES!! so I don't really see myself would watch BvS; my bestie who came along to two comic cons with me is so watching it since Batman is her favourite. sorry, D. but you'll be my forever favourite. just tell me how it goes. I'm more waiting for Suicide Squad; obviously. hehehe. speaking of superheroes, I don't think I have favourite one. maybe Hawkeye? because it's Renner? hehehe! but for villain, yeaaa, has to be Joker; and Captain Boomerang because <JAI COURTNEY!! I'm on the same boat with David Ayer for this one; if we're talking about the bad guys, DC has more interesting villains than Marvel. I'm sorry, Loki.

I also wait for London Has Fallen. I think it's a good one. I'm also curious about Gods of Egypt, but I'm not sure I wanna watch it. movie about mythical gods is always interesting, but idk. btw, anyone wanna suggest movie(s) I should watch in April?

oh, btw, should I review Deadpool? idts lah yaa~ just watch it yourself. I don't wanna ruin/elevate your expectation. one thing for sure, it's heavily censored here in ID. and, duh, of course it is. finally watched it on Valentine's Day. hahaha. I planned to watch it on 13, but then one of my cousins invited us for dinner, and we're looking for some particular phat gears during the day, so..... no other way than had to watch it on 14.

I missed a meet-and-greet session with Henry Manampiring for his The Alpha Girl's Guide book. he's at a bookstore in North Jakarta. but it's okaaayyy~ /no not okay/ he welcomes lunch request, so maybe I'd ask him to have lunch together perhaps. hahahaha. boleh ya, om, yaaaa~

Wednesday has always been my highlight throughout the whole week since January. I wonder why..... but it's still fine tho. just wondering~

I had fun last week! thank God. hehehe. I'm so gonna miss that thing. I miss them guys too. hehehe

I finished reading another book; a novel this time. the title attracts me. I've read the synopsis on the back page before yet I still bought it; though I know it's gonna be tough for me to read it. ever heard about cognitive dissonance theory? yea, something like that. heart broke into pieces for gazillionth time.
oh my heart
my babies won! both football and basketball! pokal final for basketball! woohoo!! now we get ready for midweek game: Champions League against Juventus.

I miss this one guy but I can't just simply tell him that.

“My expectations were reduced to zero when I was 21. Everything since then has been a bonus." -Stephen Hawking (The Science of Second-Guessing, 2004)


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