Sonntag, 6. März 2016

clenched heart

HI GUYS!! we all get an extra day to get our sugar honey ice tea done on last Monday! hahaha! I had to wait for another 4 years to actually say this. hehehe. cheers to me! :p

because of stuffs, I had to wait until lunch time to know the Oscars winners. and here are the things came up on my mind after reading some articles about it:

  1. Chris Rock ROCKS!! should I elaborate more for this one? hahaha. he talked about the so-called discrimination; and a little about feminism. I'm so against discrimination in any level. for me it's ridiculous to determine people. we're all human. regarding feminism, I'm more to supporting equality. men out there, if you dig the root causes, you'll eventually realize that this is our problem; not only for the females. the fact that Rock stated about why ladies are asked about what she's wearing it's because we have many options; while men (usually/always) wear suits to this kind of event. I think it makes sense. but the way he delivers about the Asian kinda disappoints me. sure, he can make excuse that he's actually pointing out the fact that children make goods. but on the other hand, it's also stereotyping them. well..... everyone has their own perspective
  2. out of 12 nominations, The Revenant claimed two of them. and one of those two was Leo! finally! hahaha. apparently people love him as Hugh Glass
  3. I'm happy for Alicia Vikander!!
  4. and sad for my poor baby Eddie Redmayne :(
  5. I prefer Till It Happens To You to win. not because of Lady Gaga, but for the song which covers/represents the humanity and current issue. it's strong; and does thing to me

and it's 1 March! happy 38th birthday to the man who keeps telling me to choose the life I want, that the life itself is worth, that it's okay to be shy, that I can conquer almost anything by opening up to others and forcing myself out of my comfort zone, who keeps telling and reminding me that I've never been alone. love you, man. *sending tightest and warmest virtual hug* always do your things! :) #SUPERTUESDAY

and, hello, March! I don't know whether I should be happy; because it's another new month, Allegiant is in March, JRA's and JSC's birthday are in March, or because of the fact that JSC's birthday is the same date as..... well. each month has its things. hehehe

last Thursday was the 1-year anniversary of #AKF. I can't believe it's one year already. JTP released another campaign to mark it; love yourself first. I think this is another very strong message. I'm beyond proud and glad for what he's done. I've tried to look for words but they fail to express how grateful I am to "know" him. so, thank you, JTP.

I planned to go to my hometown to witness the 100% solar eclipse. PLANNED. so I guess I'll stay in Jakarta and see the 60% one. it'd be at 07.21 (GMT+7). excited!!

on Saturday I went to a shopping centre after doing something. there I stayed until 20.30ish; watching one of Indonesian jazz legend. WHICH I found this morning he passed away. WHOA. we're so at lost right now, especially there's a jazz festival is currently happening. RIP Ireng Maulana. here's a photo with him around 4 hours before:

A photo posted by Latif, C. A. (@calzsf) on

my babies shared point with the bees. ugh. and now every match we'd be under pressure. but I'm sure we can do it. come on, guys!!

"I remembered you with my soul clenched in that sadness of mine that you know." -Pablo Neruda (Twenty Love Poems and a Song of Despair, 1924)


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