Sonntag, 13. März 2016

what eclipse?

HI GUYS!! today is a good day! babies won 5-0! it's my baby's 27th birthday! got a chance to meet two of my MT besties! got new gear! weehee!

so~ I was totally sick on Monday and Tuesday. and I'm start wondering why am I getting sick before or after holiday..... still got runny nose on Thursday. hm

so, ICYMI, there was a solar eclipse last Wednesday here in Indonesia. only some cities got lucky to have the full one. here in Jakarta, we could only witness like around 88%. but it didn't turn dark that much on my house area; maybe we got the 12%(?) hahaha. one of my cousins who lives in PGK needed only to turn his head up to the sky from his terrace and voila he could see the eclipse. he took a picture which he used 4 layers of solar filter to have it. the sunray turned purple(!) one of my favourite colours. hehehe

we planned to watch Kungfu Panda 3 on Wednesday evening but all the theaters were full; only the very front rows were empty. hell nah. I don't sprain my neck for a cartoon. hahaha. we ended up eating; I ate Ayam Taliwang. it was uh-may-zeeng. got to eat half chicken. hahahah! *drool*

had a great day on Thursday~ and a sweet one. hehehe! but it was so sunny that the temperature on the car showed 41C. dang it.

I just got the hype of BvS. LOL! I wasn't intending to watch it, so I didn't even watch the trailer. last Friday, I watched the latest Civil War trailer. it got me good! so I chatted with one of my besties; and happened to mention BvS, so I watched the trailer. I was excited for the Aquaman and Lex; and Thomas Wayne because it's Jeffrey Dean Morgan (hahaha!!). maybe I'll watch it; or nah, idk.

I wonder why I didn't feel like I wanna eat much. but on some other days, I felt like I could eat a human. hahaha!


OIS GUADE ZUM 27. GEBURDSTOG, HOLGER BADSTUBER!! #niemalsaufgeben #immerkämpfen #comebackstronger

at this hour, me now is sleepy.....

“Great heroes need great sorrows and burdens, or half their greatness goes unnoticed. It is all part of the fairy tale.” -Peter S. Beagle (The Last Unicorn, 1968)


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