Sonntag, 3. April 2016

all dem feels

HI GUYS!! woohoo! hehehe. last week was various. I got excited, down, tired, grateful, and sick. blergh

and yes, I'm looking at y'all, SPN writers. (-_-) here I am; judging y'all; hard.

I finally watched BvS last Monday. it was..... meh. okay. not really a (big) fan of Batman or Superman, so..... okay. I might or might not spoil it to one of my besties. HEHEHE!

watching BvS but Jesse, Jason, and Jeffrey were the ones on my mind. hahaha. I think Bale is better. Cavill..... well; Cavill. and what should I do to get switched with Amy Adams? hehehe! Gal Gadot is awesome!

duh. this book brought me to, I don't need my heart. it's clenching hard anyway that it shrunk. so, no. I don't need it.

I'm excited for this year's JktCC and IndoCC!! I asked two of my besties to join! hope they could make it~ hehehe. I'm excited to spend my money! hahaha! come on, JktCC would be in July~ you know how important and impressive July is for me, uh? hehehe send me your money, people! should I do cosplay this time.....

I remember when I was asked if I had pricey hobbies; have I mentioned it here? so, I went through funkopop website. OH THINGS I WANNA BUY!! hahaha. also, I know there's 1:18 1967 Chevrolet Impala. I went nuts..... someone please hold me at both CCs. hahaha

I hope it's not a weird thing that I'm kinda obsessed (or into) stationary and journals/planners. not that I'm a neat type, but I love those two. and I felt things whenever I read this article. one day I'd have my own personalized (refillable) leather journal.

whoa. it's good to reconnect with one of my internet friends! it's good to not being judged. I'm very thankful for my Brazilian man. hehehe. I need to go to his place; just to have my mind off of things.....

SPN S11E17. OMG. THE WRITERS ARE REALLY TRYING TO KILL ME. I will definitely sell my soul to prevent the writers killing me because I'd be already dead anyway. HAHAHA. hahaha. ( ._.)

I FINALLY MET HENRY MANAMPIRING!! and he was with ANNE MUTIA RIDWAN!! me felt so damn grateful for the chance to actually meet them and talked four around 1.5hours! hehehe. and finally someone appreciated my music taste! hahaha

it still feels too good to be real. hehehe!

“I am no bird; and no net ensnares me: I am a free human being with an independent will.” -Charlotte BrontĂ« (Jane Eyre, 1847)


P.S.: can't for June! one of my friends would be back from US and bring my stuffs! :'D
P.P.S.: I'm trying to make peace with my past

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