Sonntag, 24. April 2016

crawling back to you

HI GUYS!! phew. tough week was tough. I had to go here and there. flu again; which always sucks. but thank God I obtained more and more experiences.

next week would be very exciting!! and I can't wait for 30 April!! WOOHOO!!

MY RED BABIES ARE GOING TO DFB-POKAL FINAL!! WOOHOO!! tbh I didn't watch the match. but I'm sure it's an intense match. we played against SVW. SVW used to be a very tough opponent. unfortunately their performance is not as good as it used to be. I have to clearly admit that any team who is able to reach semifinal is surely a great team. I expected SVW would also be that great team. and it turned right! Thomas still managed to score 2 goals on that tough match. DANKE! and GLUCKWÜNSCH! we just won in Berlin, let's make sure we'll win there again for DFB-Pokal Final!! :D let's go for treble once again, babies!!

ugh. I miss my men. they posted their last-day photos. I'M CRYING. I miss you guys~ :* hurts me so much :( but I'm forever glad and grateful they exist. oh what a time to be alive!

CIVIL WAR RELEASES ON 27 APRIL HERE!! I and one of my besties make sure we watch it on 1 May. hahaha. right after our 5K; still plan on it. on 30 April, we would go crazy over one of our insane passions(!).

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I can't wait for next week! for the first leg of CL Semifinal; GO RED ARMY!! and the long weekend! :D

"Maybe I'm too busy being yours to fall for somebody new." -Arctic Monkey (Do I Wanna Know, 2013)


P.S.: oh these words got stuck in my throat

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