Sonntag, 8. Mai 2016


HI GUYS!! sweet long weekend~ though I got more tired than usual. hahaha. I think I need sleep at least the whole 24 hours. hehehehe

suddenly I felt like cooking..... woo~ this was too sudden. hahaha. started with the easiest thing: mac n cheese; it's timeleess too!
plus (somewhat) fried dory
gee golly we got knocked out of SF UCL (again!!); madafaka spanish teams. hahahaha! this one thing like this only makes me stronger and stronger. on every match, Bayern fans always feel "world against us"; no matter what team we're facing. people just dislike us. I'm a gazillion percent sure Bayern fans' mentality are much stronger than steel or even diamond.

and yeah, I'd like to point out that I'm living in a country where I'm only a minor. people tend to love La Liga and BPL more; they still prefer Calcio too. even our media is not neutral. LOL!

so. what I did during my long weekend: book fair, cooking and eating, shopping, and continuing what I should have never stopped doing. hahaha. still, I could only manage do some. and, oh, btw I did kart racing, despite it'd be my first time. one of my besties doesn't care if it's my first time. luckily, I'm up for the challenge. hahaha. didn't happen tho.....

MY RED BABIES IS DEUTSCHER MEISTER. WOOHOO!! FOUR TIMES IN A ROW, BABY!! HOW 'BOUT THAT?! HOW 'BOUT THAT?!?! hahahaha. congratulations, guys! hope you guys remember that we still have last two matches. one is our final home game against H96; beer party after that!! and DFB Pokal final. we're so not gonna lose it, are we? :D

I was extremely happy this Sunday evening. again and again, I'm surrounded by men who always make me happy. thank you, guys. I owe everything that I know I couldn't pay. not even a dime. yet you still do your thing to me. that's so humbling. I'm so grateful! :)

I can't wait for Eid-ul Fitr holiday!! weehee!!

“Clever as the Devil and twice as pretty.” -Holly Black (White Cat, 2010)


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