Sonntag, 15. Mai 2016

beyond relieved

HI GUYS!! FINALLY PARTY! hahaha. first party; checked! congratulations and thank you so much to my red babies. we've done well so far. let's have the second party next week!! :D

I'm so in love with these men. for never failing to make me happy. hahaha. yeah, I should mention this over and over again. because I feel so damn grateful!! hehehe. thanks, guys! what am I without y'all?

oh, btw, have you ever lost something but you don't even enter the 5 stages of loss and grief? I know. the Kübler-Ross model is more to death. but still. hehehe. hm. have you? because I just experienced it. instead, I felt relief. I was relieved. whoa. I feel amazing. hahahah :p

no offense to you guys who are experiencing the model. I feel you. I used to lose someone who I love the most. he's somewhere out there now. and, thank God, I'm even beyond the last stage now.

spent weekend in hell. hahaha. and it's even hotter due to my two men. HAHAHA! even their icy blue eyes had no effect on me. hehehe. again, I'm thankful for you guys!

and I am more than ready for next weekend! :D

oh! since it's already mid May, I really really couldn't wait for June!! my stuffs will be on my hand soon :')

"The world has changed, and none of us can go back. All we can do is our best, and sometimes, the best that we can do, is to start over." -Peggy Carter (Captain America: The Winter Soldier, 2014)


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