Sonntag, 12. Juni 2016


HI GUYS!! some of you might have read this; some not. but I tell you what. I really had a blast last Saturday! woohoo!! finally reunited with my two besties from Banking and Finance concentration! yeaaaahhhh!! I am more than grateful to have these two friends who forever stick with me despite my flaws.

well, because, who wouldn't be happy to have someone always has faith and believe in me, though they know my weaknesses?

I also got reunited with some of my favorite lecturers! so happy!! :'D

I won't be talking too much on this post, so here are some of the photos:

A photo posted by Latif, C. A. (@calzsf) on

then, today I went to Puncak. just spent some time there. nothing much happened. hehehe! I'm more to excited of my German babies for their first Euro game!! woohoo!! GOOD LUCK, BOYS!! I AM ALWAYS WITH YOU.

“Do not follow me! Let's just be fabulously where we are and who we are. You be you and I'll be me, today and today and today, and let's trust the future to tommorrow. Let the stars keep track of us. Let us ride our own orbits and trust that they will meet. May our reunion be not a finding but a sweet collision of destinies!” -Jerry Spinelli (Love, Stargirl, 2007)


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