Sonntag, 31. Juli 2016

wonderful ending

HI GUYS!! end of July has always been my favorite time of the year. some of you know why. hehehe. moreover this year! one week closer to Suicide Squad!! woohoo!! been waiting since last year!

I looked for available ticket for the movie. I'd been looking since last Friday; early ticket usually one week before premiere. but didn't found it. Saturday morning, I checked my email. WOOHOO!! I'M SO GOING TO THE PREMIERE!! THANKS, GUYS!! :D

this last week of July went fast. out of office for two days; Thursday and Friday. actually played paintball for the first time on Friday. got shot right on my right hand. out of much safely covered body, the shooter decided to aim for my bare hand. so now got this bruise with a little wound. still fun! hahaha

birthday dinner on Friday night! love the place, the food, the drink, the people!
thank you for the free cotton candy, Cassis!
yesterday, I went to Living World. one of my besties treated me and this our bestie eating at Shaburi. so full..... but still got space for dessert. hehehe. thanks, sweetheart!!

then we watched Jason Bourne. which, of course, they filmed in Berlin. everything leads back to you, baby. hahahaha. I miss living in Berlin; living on my own.

and this day, at the end of July, I went to AEON Mall. my turn to treat my other two besties. hehehehe!

so, thank you, guys, for the lovely gifts! I'm beyond blessed to have you guys in my life! :* 
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oh, I should have been at JKT CC this weekend, IF THEY DIDN'T GET CANCELED AND I HAVE TO WAIT FOR NEXT YEAR! but I still could get my INDO CC. hehehe :*

"I can't make everyone like and you'd be a mad man to try and you wouldn't be any good at your job, I don't think, or be true to yourself or what really matters in life if you did and I make no apology for that." -Benedict Timothy Carlton Cumberbatch


P.S.: Ale passed his thesis defense on my birthday! proud of you, baby! :*

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