Sonntag, 18. September 2016

blog anniversary!

HI GUYS!! second week of September has always been special for my blogs. I started my tumblr on 14 September 2010, and two years later I decided to commit another blog. since 14 September 2016 had passed, so it's been 6 years lingering around at tumblr, fangirling to many footballers, actors, and musicians; and 4 years somewhat dedicated a little of my time to post something every Sunday.

and there has never been a single second I regret to be at tumblr and this blog. so thank you, guys, for those who read, like, reblog, comment my posts! love y'all!

13 September is Supernatural day! that date, eleven years ago, the very first episode aired; Pilot. and since then, I have been one of the very loyal fans.

and yesterday I went to our National Monument; for the very first time. hahaha. well I have been at the complex, but never gone inside. yesterday I did it. with some of my best friends. next time probably I'll go to the gold flame; at night. everything always turns interesting at night, uh? :p
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MY RED BABIES WON ANOTHER MATCH BY 3-1! poor Manuel had to pick the ball up from the goalnet. still won anyway!! woohoo!! congrats and thank you, guys!!

and to wrap this week, this is me being artistic:
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"Everything you want's a dream away. And we are legends every day." -Coldplay (Adventure of a Lifetime, 2015)


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