Sonntag, 4. September 2016

giggling like a kid


HI GUYS!! yeeessss, happy birthday to my favourite Finnish guy. hehehe. love ya! :*

same old injury relapsed; again. ck!

and I actually went to doctor on Wednesday. not for that old injury, but for something else. glad I'm okay. just a little dizzy.

I can't wait for next weekend! bahahaha. long weekend, brothaaaa!! still don't know how I'll spend it. I did nothing this weekend. I even stayed at home the whole Saturday. living far from you hurts, baby. we should be in the same are again soon :*

I'm writing this while listening to Charlie XCX's Boom Clap. AND I WANNA GO BACK TO EUROPE. I might do anything as long as I could go back there. actually live there; not only for a vacation. God please.....

A photo posted by Latif, C. A. (@calzsf) on

A photo posted by Latif, C. A. (@calzsf) on

my boys are playing against Norway this night. GOOD LUCK, JUNGS!! BREAK A LEG! :* :*

10 September: World's Suicide Prevention Day

“They say when you are missing someone that they are probably feeling the same, but I don't think it's possible for you to miss me as much as I'm missing you right now” -Edna St. Vincent Millay


P.S.: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ALE!! :* :* :*

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