Sonntag, 9. Oktober 2016

Bandung in 1.5 days

HI GUYS!! woohoo!! the days I'd been waiting for~ hehehehe. you might know what I'm talking about from this post. I'm more than grateful to have such a friend like this friend whom I was going with. she was like, "aye, let's go to Bandung." while me was like, "okay!"

yea. it is that easy to go somewhere with me. hahaha. also, I don't ask much. as long as it's safe and exciting, or even it gives me my first experience, I go for it!

so, basically going to Bandung was for its culinary, but not really. hahahaha. we started at 5, arrived at 9.10ish at Farmhouse Lembang. the ticket price is IDR 20K for adult (you can get frsh milk/packaged milk/snack as a compliment); IDR 10K for car. it's popular for the Hobbit house. have to admit, there are several photoshoot spots; but we didn't take any. we have to queue to take a photo at those spots. I and my bestie were like, nah, we don't have to take a photo there. so instead, we took some photos at/with:
goat! LOL
and that's my bestie's hand; to catch goat's attention. hahahahaha! taking photos with goats is more exciting. LOL!

then we went to one shopping place, then hopped to have lunch. we ate Mie Rica Kejaksaan. it contains pork. the rica is very spicy. omg. we also ate shrimp fried ball. the noodle costs IDR 33K, while the shrimp ball costs IDR 48K (10pcs).

then we hopped to a mall. hahahaha. I've never been to a mall in Bandung. they just have never been our option to go to.

then we checked in at the hotel called Vio Westhoff. our consideration was it's only to sleep since we went to places. the hotel was okay. the bedroom we booked is small, with a little bit stinky bathroom. I didn't take any photo of it.

then we went to Sudirman Street. it's a food court with tons of pork. hahaha! we almost bought pork martabak! hahaha! but we're planning to buy another martabak, so...... well, here's the food:
banh mi, mango sticky rice, pork satay, cheese french fries
bánh mì was from El Paso; costs IDR 38K. Mango sticky rice was..... I forgot, but it costs IDR 25K. the Wibisana pork satay costs IDR 7.5K/pc. cheese french fries, also from El Paso, costs IDR 25K.

then we went to buy martabak at Martabak Nikmat Andir. we ordered pandan corn cheese martabak. since we're too full, we brought it back to the hotel and ate it 1-2 hours later. it still tastes good. it costs IDR 90K.

move to this day. we were too tired to function early morning; though I woke up at 6.30ish. damn natural alarm. hahaha. I took a bath then went back to sleep. we checked out at 10.30ish. went to a bakery to buy some for my mom. then we had lunch at Mie Naripan:
the fried meatball belongs to my bestie; mine was the plain one, costs IDR 39K
then we went to Let's Go Gelato. we thought it's a cafe-ish; but naaahhhh~ it's like only a small spot. but they do have seating arrangement at the second floor. we didn't go upstairs; it was 13ish, and the sun was shining too bright. I ordered Red Bangkok (thai tea) and mint choco chip (my retaurant). 
2 regular scoops cost IDR 25K (+cone IDR 3.5K)
and so then we went back to Jakarta at 14ish. it was raining kinda heavily, so we stuck in traffic. reached Jakarta around 18ish. thanks for the roadtrip, bestie!! :*

and that's my weekend! yeaaaahhhhh! also, my German babies won 3-0 against Czech on another worldcup qualification match. WOOHOO!! proud of y'all!!

“She is free in her wildness, she is a wanderess, a drop of free water. She knows nothing of borders and cares nothing for rules or customs. 'Time' for her isn’t something to fight against. Her life flows clean, with passion, like fresh water.” -Roman Payne


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