Sonntag, 18. Dezember 2016

last entry?

HI GUYS!! last week was an interesting week. hahaha. I bought many new phat gears. woohoo! shopping makes me happy; not my wallet tho. hahahaha. and I can't wait for next week! I'm going home!!

therefore this might be the last post for this year. idk. I'll find out how to post another one from my hometown which I doubt there'd be sufficient internet connection.

I'm waiting for the big announcement tomorrow, which I doubt I'll get it tomorrow. knowing the people like that..... most likely the announcement would be on Tuesday or even Wednesday. I really hope it's tomorrow, cos I can't wait!

meanwhile, talking about my upcoming project..... finally I've started a little. hahaha. I might bring it back to my hometown. let's see if I could continue it, remembering that I will be so busy going to beaches! woohoo!

several changes on my accounts. I've closed my instagram page to private. I deleted all followers that I don't know. I don't mean to be rude, but we don't know each other while the contents are sometimes a little bit more private, so I have to locked it and delete those followers. I do have another instagram account to express my own self more; which I won't give the name away. I don't dig for followers or likes. I just want a place where I could be all myself without anyone judging me.

and it feels good to be anonymous. yeaaahhh!! oh the things I need to do to make myself more laid back~ :D

I met one of my besties from senior high on Saturday! and it was amazinG! I couldn't stop talking! hahahaha

my red babies are on a match! GOOD LUCK, GUYS!! LET'S WIN THIS GAME!! :D

“Crying relieves pressure on soul.” -Toba Beta (Master of Stupidity, 2011)


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