Sonntag, 11. Dezember 2016

long weekend

HI GUYS!! the long weekend is here~ hahaha. finally~ an additional "day off". I expected I'd take so much rest, but naaaaahhhhh~ lol. one of my cousins' wife delivered their baby, so we kept coming back to their house. YAY!! BABIEEESSSS!!

hm. I wonder why this December seems so plain. nothing much happened until now. except the fact that I really should start on my upcoming project for next year. hahaha. I've sorted some. time to get the work done!

MY RED BABIES WON 5-0. YAAAAYYYYY!! CONGRATS, GUYS!! I hope y'all enjoyed the win and the Christmas party! welcome back to the top! let's get that Herbstmeister title, yeah?! :D

taking a Dan Brown's novel back home..... would it be a good idea? remembering that I really have to start on my new project(?) and also I bought a new comic. HMM

running into one of your men was exciting! hahaha. after quite some time, I finally met you again. love ya, dude!

btw, two weeks left before I'm flying back to my hometown! woohoo!! so exciteeeddd!! can't wait to explore new places!

also, I'm going back there again mid-January. can't wait for it either!!

short, short post. I'm extremely tired. went to a midnight shopping on Saturday night. ended up sleeping at 2 on Sunday dawn. my body cannot handle it anymoooaaarrrrr.....

miss my J2. miss my chubby dumpling. love y'all! :*

“The decisions of our past are the architects of our present.” -Dan Brown (Inferno, 2013)


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