Sonntag, 29. Januar 2017

Happy Lunar New Year!

HI GUYS!! HAPPY LUNAR NEW YEAR!! the year of Fire Rooster. woohoo! to all readers who celebrate Lunar New Year, wishing you a healthy, success, and prosperous fire rooster year!

I forgot to greet my new friend from NZ. he's living in Jakarta for the next 1 year(?) I should get back to him immediately. hehehe

anyway, last week was kinda tiring. there were several things I needed to do. my to-do-list is getting longer now; in addition of my two newest projects. aaaaannnddddd as I promised, here's my other project (the other one I've mentioned it here):
my very first bujo :')
BUJO!! it's almost everywhere. I thought I'm late for the party but then I think it's better late than never. hehehe. basically it's a planner, notes, and journal in one book. I'm enjoying it so far. still many things to work on, to utilize it fully, to really use it and not just because of following the trend. look it up! there are many inspirations and videos of it.

I was planning to make my bujo in black and white (hence the plain monthly cover) but then I couldn't work it well. oh, also, they said this bujo is suitable for those who have several tasks to do in one day and those who wanna be more organized. the first one is me; the second one, uhh, I think I'm organized enough in term of organizing tasks and time management. hahaha. I'm more to: "need to track my habit and progress". yep, you can also track whatever you want. it's your journal! rock it your way!

my tips would be: start simple and don't get intimidated by those existing bujo you find online. they all started years ago. this sounds cliche but just be yourself. you're having bujo for your own, not to impress others. therefore, you don't have to spend much money in the beginning; because you're still finding what's the best for you. as for me, I'm using Lyra Sketchbook instead of Moleskine or Leuchtturm1917 notebooks (though I'm dying to have those cos Moleskine got this Joker cover and Leuchtturm1917 is from Germany!!); instead of pricey writing tools, I'm using Standard markers and Snowman brush pens. it's never stated that Lyra Sketchbook is an aquarell (and I'm a novice in artsy thing), but the wordings I wrote in those water-based brush pens don't smear. I'm also currently learning handlettering. haha!

here's how much they cost me (not exact prices but approximately, so yeah):
  • Lyra Sketchbook: IDR 42,000
  • Sketchbook refill: IDR 23,000
  • Standard markers (1 set, 12 colours): IDR 19,000
  • Snowman brush pens (1 set, 12 colours): IDR 72,000 (+delivery fee IDR 9,000)
  • Set of rulers (4pcs): IDR 12,000

in total, it's only around IDR 177,000 or USD 13.25 or EUR 12.38 or SGD 18.96!!

readers who would like to donate me some washi tapes and other supporting tools, I'm opening my arms widely. thank you! ;)

MY RED BABIES WON AGAIN. WOOHOO!! I thank God for His blessing and congratulations, boys!! let's win again next weeks!! :D

I miss my men. period. and I just passed the 144th 28.

“Success is stumbling from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.” -Winston S. Churchill


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