Sonntag, 12. März 2017

adrenaline level: high

HI GUYS!! WOOHOO!! I CAN'T STOP SQUEALING!! hahahaha! there are five things to be handle before my trip in September. I mentioned that it would be on the exact date as this blog's anniversary; turned out it won't. it'll be one day earlier which means on Thomas' 28th birthday! hahahaha!

speaking of 28th birthday, tomorrow is Holger's! yeaaaaaayyyy!!

so, about the trip, I just bought the plane ticket. THIS IS SO REAL, GUYS!! GUUUUYYYSSSS!! hahaha. I'd say it's quite a good deal! thank God for the promo price. hahaha. and as I mentioned before, there are five things needed to be done before the trip, one of them is this plane ticket, so four more to go!

and I can't stop talking about it already despite the long days before the day. counting down the days..... D-184!! :D and I can't wait!
MY RED BABIES ARE ON THE TOP WITH TEN POINTS CLEAR!! WOOHOO!! let's keep it this way, yeah?!?! welcome back, Boa! thank you for the service, Xabi! also CONGRATS ON GOING THROUGH THE UCL QF!! let's get another treble, yeah?! :D

I went out these two days that I didn't have enough time for my bujo. oh God.....

also I notice this post is getting shorter and shorter. LOL. I promise I'll do better once this project is done. first time being in this industry and got the very first project right away.

but look who was in town!!
MT girls!
though I'm not a bachelor in Mechatronics Engineering. hehehe! miss you guys!! :*

I need my beauty sleep. EL needs one too! good night!

“I thought it was over, all I could think was I never told you I love you. What an idiot.” -Nora Roberts (The Collector, 2014)


P.S.: I'm so pumped up for this September trip! XD

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