Sonntag, 23. Juli 2017

hey! hey! hey!

HI GUYS!! we're coming to the very last week of July. and do you know what it means?!?! it means I'm one week closer to my September trip!! LOL!

naaaahhhh. it means my red babies are in Singapore right now and I live so close yet so far from where they're now. and it sucks!

I watched Dunkirk today. haven't watched Spiderman and Despicable Me yet, but watched Dunkirk. hey! they got ETH, okay! and I still could recognize him through his eyes. I LOVE THIS MAN.

and I love my red babies :( can someone send me a ticket roundtrip and match ticket as my upcoming birthday present?

I'm gonna be at the opening party of Art Jakarta this Thursday! thank you for the invitation! can't wait to see this amazing exhibition!

also, next week is gonna be the last day of my project. can't wait to see the result! I'm thankful for my cooperative colleagues! this better be awesome, guys!!

I'm so heartbroken to know that Chester Bennington is gone. our red families lost one member. hope you're fine up there, buddy! thank you for bringing back the rock! miss you!

it's 23 July so HAPPY 52ND BIRTHDAY, SAUL HUDSON!! my forever man!

I JUST WATCHED THAT LEAKED TEASER TRAILER OF AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR AND I AM NOT SORRY. I'M SO..... EXCITED(?)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MCU does know how to flip my heart instantly! I'm not proud of watching leaked trailer which it should be exclusively for D23 audiences and I'm sad there will be people who aren't respecting the house rules. but it's bound to happen. but thank you! HEHEHEHE
don't know if this is the official teaser poster but here it is!
I CAN'T WAIT FOR 4 MAY 2019!! or maybe I should be anticipating the upcoming trip in September!! YEAAAAHHHHH!!

thank God for all the endless blessing You shower upon me. can't wait to see more of the future me!

“Those blessings are sweetest that are won with prayer and worn with thanks.” -Thomas Goodwin


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