Sonntag, 10. September 2017

WSPD 2017

HI GUYS!! I'M SO FCUKIN EXCITED FOR THE UPCOMING TRIP! knowing that some of my favourite youtubers are also in Singapore right now. WOOHOO!! can't wait! can't fcukin wait!!

some highlights of this week: my red babies lost, gettin real tired with some things, my man is currently in Toronto for his premiere (congratulations, baby! can't be more proud of you!).

shall we?

this past week was somewhat exhausting. not gonna be as tiring as next week tho; but still..... past week was more to mentally exhausting. I was so grateful to have people around me who constantly make me happy. thank you :)

BUT MY RED BABIES LOST. ARGH. that was kind expected tho. from the first I knew they gonna face TSG, I was like, "this could be the first loss" and turned out it's true. nothing to be worried of tho. the season is still a long way to go. I'd rather focus for the upcoming match of UCL. YES! WE'RE BACK, BABY!! Y'ALL BETTER BE PREPARED FOR US!!

I'm so so so proud of my man who just released his new movie. wish I were at tiff to be with you. miss ya, baby! :*

just a head up, I won't be posting one next Sunday since I WILL BE IN SINGAPORE FOR F1. WOOHOO!! the long wait is finally over~ soon, I'm gonna scratch another point on my bucket list! yay! can't wait! two days and three hours to go!!

welcoming 10 September with open arms. the day I recall as World Suicide Prevention Day. you are more than welcome to share your story. I'm all ears.
find what you're made for. stay.
“Sometimes even to live is an act of courage.” -Seneca


#WSPD2017 #IWasMadeFor

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