Sonntag, 12. November 2017

chances are.....

HI GUYS!! another week another post! there'll be nothing about my red babies; but my bumble bee! and my seabass! this past week was somewhat weird. lol

so, brief recap of working days, my seabass, and my bumble bee. shall we?

what a brief intro right there lol

working days will just be working days. got some new companies on board. welcome! starting to work another new project; got teamed up with incredible colleagues! so pumped up! :D

my seabass aka my man was in Rhodes Island for RICC. I could only enjoy from photos and videos and other posts where was mentioned that he's so kind, attentive, humble, and blablabla. okay. I know he's all that. enough. stop making me cry and envy.


and so about my bumblebee..... he's starting P7, up 1 after Danny was thrown back 10 grid due to penalty; starting P14. watched the whole qualification last night and was so ecstatic as that man was out. LOL. it's evil but meh~

break a leg, baby! let's get some points! woohoo!

so~ what else..... hm..... I watched Cars 3 AND I CRIED. pft. hahaha! it was so good! anyone who haven't watched it yet, you should. don't think that it's for kids. you got a lot from that movie. go watch it!

I made Kartoffelsalat today. got some spare potatoes that I might make hashbrowns but idk. but, yay! Kartoffelsalat! :9

I printed out some photos from my September trip aka F1 Night Race. woohoo! gonna print some more since I forgot to print them. hehehe

"Don't fear failure. Be afraid of not having the chance, you have the chance!" -Sally Carrera (Cars 3, 2017)


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