Sonntag, 26. November 2017

end of F1 2017

HI GUYS!! not a good weekend. hm. my red babies lost though I've expected it. my bumblebee finished another P6 tho! also the yellow finished P6 on constructions. but is it enough? NO. it gets worse! that was the very last race of this year!

so now we're back to just football weeks which gonna end in a couple of weeks.

alright. shall we?

I took a day off that's why I posted this entry this late. LOL. just finished watching the very last race. the time when I got a chance to watch it, the race was rather boring. meh. but Danny was out! I don't like it! but Nico finished P6! I love it. but his girlfriend was on the garage; I don't like it. LOL. so happy and grateful for F1 this year. so thankful that I was able to attend one in Singapore. it was a great experience! despite Nico's DNF in SG, but everything paid off. I mean, I watched F1 and OneRepublic, and Ariana Grande, and The Chainsmokers, and Calvin Harris. what could I ask for more?

thank you. thank you for the great F1 season, guys! I'm so happy for Toto for winning yet another constructor's title, but not happy with the world champion. alright, for those of you who are confused, I'm RBR and SF by heart, but got soft spot for Mercedes just because of Toto (LOL) but my two favourite drivers are Nico and Danny. there you go!

no abroad plan for next year (so far) but definitely will go to another F1 race in 2019. hope I could make it! :D

I was planning to have a short trip to PH/CN/VN actually, but I don't know yet. gotta save much for F1 2019.

btw I love the way this looks:
not that I'm happy my Danny slipped to 5 :/

what a good sportsman! *I'm so judging you, kmag*

nothing to say much about my red babies except, we better be back on track next week! love y'all!

that's that for this post; I think. all I need to blabber about is F1. hahaha! see you next season, Hulki, Danny! :*

“The unthankful heart discovers no mercies; but the thankful heart will find, in every hour, some heavenly blessings.” -Henry Ward Beecher


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