Sonntag, 5. November 2017

when you're weak, I'll be strong

HI GUYS!! another week has passed and guess what..... WE WON THE FIRST PART OF DER KLASSIKER!! WOOHOO!! we're having 3 matches of der Klassiker this season; thanks to another early final of DFB-Pokal which we're drawn to play against BVB at Allianz Arena. that'd be next thing tho. it's awesome to be back on track! danke an Papa Jupp! :D

also, if you read my last post, I woke up to Max's triumph in MX; thanks to Daniil's drop and Checo starting at P9 :p I'm sorry, Daniil :p

Daniil's drop was another thing. I feel you. I feel how sucks it is to be left behind just like that. with Felipe's announcement, I really really hope you'll get your seat with Williams next year! *finger crossed*

but I'm not gonna talk about the world champion. naaahhhh. I'm extremly delightful for Toto but not the winner. nooooooooo~~

I'm so happy for Toto. there, I said it again.

about GP MX, it was a mess. I mean, it's good to have another race like MY this year. but not with blown-up Renault engines. YES MY BABY HULK WAS OUT AGAIN. 4 out of last 5 races, my baby had to retire his car. NO ME GUSTA. Cyril, can you do something for the last 2 races?

apart from the chaotic GP MX..... MY RED BABIES WON DER KLASSIKER TEIL 1. of course I'm gonna say it again. LOL. brilliant goals from Arjen, Robert, and David. also wonderful saves from Sven! oh my God. you guys are awesome!!

so basically this week's post is only about der Klassiker and GP MX. hahaha. can't wait for the last two races; Interlagos and Abu Dhabi! as for my red babies, now we have an international break. good thing we got little time to low down a bit

thanks to these two sports who never let my weekend goes plain :D

on the other hand, I'm planning some things for next year. to help me focus on those things, I'm gonna make my very own vision board. no, it's not lame. I'll show you when it's done; which is gonna be next year, perhaps :p

in short, I'm quite happy with this week. can't wait for next weekend since it's gonna be race weekend!! :D

I need to control my meal :p

“My eyes constantly seek the rainbow of my dreams and I sometimes fail to be grateful for raindrops that keeps my hope alive” -Vijaya Gowrisankar


P.S.: always gonna be by your side, baby!

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