Sonntag, 31. Dezember 2017

52/52 in PGK

HI GUYS!! let's see if this mobile blogger works. hehehe. posting this right from my hometown and currently having a feast. not till midnight at this place tho :(

anyway, my week in my hometown went with a bang! from one point to another and another. so, shall we?

I'll just edit this later because I don't how to utilize this app (edit: YAY! now this works!)

so~ my flight was delayed for two hours. delayed due to takeoff/landing queue bounds to happen to me several times. but delayed while staying at waiting room, that was my very first time. I went cranky right away

right after landing, I went to have dinner. then headed to sleep. long day ahead the next morning; went to Belinyu. there, I visited my cousins then went to Pantai Tanjung Penyusuk, Pantai Batu Dinding, and Kelenteng Kuto Panji.

next day I went to Koba to go to Danau Kaolin. supposed to visit Desa Nangka but little chaos occurred so I went to Pantai Tikus Emas instead. then to Puri Tri Agung, just to visit the beach :p

next day I went to nowhere except to my cousins' to play with my nephew! weehee! babieeesss!!

but next day I went to Pantai Tapak Antu and Pantai Semujur. these two beaches are considered new. so happy to visit new places! there's never been a time when I went back home but not being a tourist. hahaha. then we had dinner to celebrate my nephew's birthday!

on the next day we went to Muntok to visit my other aunt. went to Mercusuar Tanjung Kalian and Gunung Menumbing (Pesanggrahan Menumbing, where our 1st President and his colleagues were kept away by the colonies). from beaches to mountains, you name it

basically that's it. tomorrow I'm going back to Jakarta. hopefully no delay because the next day would be the first day of work in 2018!

anyway, happy new year from sunny Pangkalpinang!

"And now we welcome the new year, full of things that have never been." -Rainer Maria Rilke


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