Sonntag, 4. März 2018


HI GUYS!! it's March. OMG. third month of the year. oh my God..... hands up if you just wasted two months in this year! LOL. I may or may not be wasting those two months. I don't know. but since I'm enjoying this year so far, I don't think I waste it~

also, it's March; which means: F1 is back, baby!! not until the end of March but still it's March. one of my seniors be like, "OMG JUST RECEIVED THE TICKET FOR THIS YEAR" and "OMG CAN'T WAIT" me be like, "yep, still another year~"

alrighty~ shall we?

first of all, it's such loss to lose a captain in the middle of the season. so long, Davide Astori. rest in peace, brother. we're always be with you.

deepest condolences to Astori's family (that including the clubs), especially to the parents, Francesca Fioretti, and Vittoria.

all Sunday matches are postponed to honor Davide Astori.

and so~ *sigh* such devastating news. it's still kinda hard to accept that someone passed away; well, thankfully in his sleep so he didn't suffer much.

alright. March. my red babies are now preparing for their match in this 25th matchday, second leg of round 16 against BJK in Istanbul, der Klassiker at the end of this month. also at the end of March: Manuel's birthday and F1!! season opener, baby!!

ALSO. MCU decided to release A:IW on 27 April!! WOOHOO!! that would actually mean nothing for Indonesian since we always get earlier release date than the US. BUT STILL. WOOHOO!! I think I should take a day off!

talking about F1, we just did 1st week of winter test. my bumblebee did awesome! my curly baby even better! I LOVE Y'ALL!! and now I'm ready the second week!


“I'm independent and strong, but sometimes...just sometimes, it's nice to be taken case of. It's nice to be made to feel like a lady” -Samantha Towle (The Mighty Storm, 2012)


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