Sonntag, 11. März 2018


HI GUYS!! so in this post we gonna talk about my red babies (duh), my bumblebee, and my red babies. LOL. so, yeah, basically my life rotates around these two. hahahaha. so thank you for anyone who still reads this crappy piece of sugar honey ice tea!

alrighty! shall we?

*I'm drinking jicama juice while writing this*

for anyone who read my last post, I wrote it while waiting for my red babies to play. didn't watch it tho, but you know what I mean. and THEY WON BY 0-4!! WOOHOO!! what's better than to wake up knowing that your red babies won? (answer: me and my loved ones being alive)

my bumblebee's doing so well that I cry :') I wish all the good luck to you for this season and onwards. break a leg, Nico! :D

last night my red babies played against HSV and WE WON 6-0 AT HOME. and it brought us to FIVE POINTS UNTIL BEING CROWNED AS DEUTSCHERMEISTER 2017/2018!! YES, BABY, YEEEEESSSSS!!

alright that's all.


nah. I had to show off this photo of mine which just taken this afternoon:

just ignore the backdrop. THE HOLY GRAIL IS HERE AGAIN. the last time it was here was in 2013. took a photo with it, wished Bayern won the league and it happened! wish the same thing to happen this year!

can't wait for the 2nd leg! COME ON, RED BABIES!!

“My mother says that pain is hidden in everyone you see. She says try to imagine it like big bunches of flowers that everyone is carrying around with them. Think of your pain like a big bunch of red roses, a beautiful thorn necklace. Everyone has one.” -Francesca Lia Block (Witch Baby, 1991)


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