Sonntag, 6. Mai 2018


HI GUYS!! this week isn't a raceweek, but yes a matchday! it's 33rd matchday which means there's one match left; at home, against VfB. welcoming back Mario and Holger home :')

since it's not raceweek, my men are going to places without my consent! (LOL) glad to see them having a break after these four crazy rounds!

alrighty~ shall we?

this time, weekday went awfully awful. and I think it's safe to say it twice; cos it's awful. not gonna go into the details but, yeah, awful. wish I could just skip those days right onto the weekend instead.

and weekend. went pretty well. I finally watched at one screening at Europe on Screen; a film festival held by EU in Indonesia. watched Atomic Blonde because HEY BILL!

planned to watch 47 Meters Down on Wednesday night but we'll see!

my red babies won by 1-3!! that 1 goal was scored by my little brother tho. LOL. that made 3 own goals by my (not-so) little brother. hahaha! my baby just wanna score~ :D

not a raceweek so I'm a little bit bored. though somewhat grateful, cos I still need time to digest the last race. and still can't believe my bumblebee kissed the wall on a race where he could score more points than usual. I JUST DON'T UNDERSTAND, OKAY?! no, I'm not okay :(

but still proud of him anyway!

he's currently chilling in Chile. I'm just staying here. lol

OH. I bought something on this weekday. something that made me excited!! thank God for all the grace this far! can't wait to actually face it :D

this month is probably the most extravagant month; top spend! #brokeAF

“Blessed are the hearts that can bend; they shall never be broken.” -Albert Camus


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