Montag, 25. Juni 2018


HI GUYS!! THIS WAS SUCH AN EMOTIONAL WEEK. I ALMOST GAVE UP. it's the first serie of triple header ever. and my white babies played their second game. this week was almost too much for me.....

and now I (might) get your attention, shall we?

as you guys might know, my white babies were down 0-1 by MEX on the first match and I was left devastated. I was really thought that we could at least make it draw. but

so onto the second game against SWE, I got high hope. but the first conceded goal there once again made me down. yet I didn't lose hope. thank God for Marco scoring that equalizer. and thank God for Toni scoring that winning goal. I actually shed a tear and screamed at top of my lung when Toni scored. we really get another chance. so we better win the last match against KOR. #BESTNEVERREST

then..... F1. I got my bumblebee on his team's homerace. he only qualified P12. I got frustrated. and the qualification was before the #GERSWE match. ck! thank God he did great on race day. we finished P9!! at least we gained some position.

the race itself..... as always, only lap 1 got me hyped but then..... meh. it was cool to see my bumblebee on P6(?) I already forgot where he was. hehehe. but yeah~ was it better than Monaco and Canada? not sure. how's the track? it got me dizzy with all the red and blue stripes.

so~ my weekend starting this week was:
24.06. French GP
01.07. Austrian GP (Danny's birthday!)
08.07. British GP
15.07. Final World Cup (hoping my white babies could win this again)
22.07. German GP
29.07. Hungarian GP

in short: goodbye sleep, it's good to know you~

“Thank God I have seen an orange sky with purple clouds. How easy it is to forget that we have the privilege of living in God's art gallery.” -Erica Goros


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