Sonntag, 12. August 2018


HI GUYS!! another week just passed! and it means another week closer to the test; in fact it's next week! I'm doing my test next Saturday. wish me luck! :D

it's another week without race, but it's matchday today! my red babies are back in action! WOOHOO!! PACK MA'S!!

this past week went as usual aka nothing special. got my head dizzy on Friday since I had to finish some urgent stuffs that day but that's it. so, we're not gonna talk about the weekday :p

yep, it's not (yet) a raceweek. we'll be back on the last week of August. but it's matchday today. my red babies play against SGE for Super Cup. come on, babies!! snatch this first trophy of the season!

it's getting closer to my test!! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!! I should stay calm. well, I am calm. well~ hahaha :S

wish me luck, guys! :*

“Don't hate the game, hate the player... the player should have known better than to play the game in the first place.” -Nyki Mack


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